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Canadian Beeseal 75gr/150gr


Proudly made in Canada and formulated to withstand the toughest weather conditions, Canadian Beeseal will make your leather or wood products look fresh and new. The unique formula of beeswax and essential oils is the safe and eco-friendly choice for preserving and moisturizing leather products.


Perfect for your

  • leather clothing
  • Leather shoes
  • leather boots
  • Leather jacket
  • leather belt
  • Saddlery and horse harnesses


But also everything that is vinyl and drink like

  • Car dashboard
  • Spa cover
  • Cutting board
  • butcher counter
  • Etc




  • ✔️ Non-toxic and safe for household use: conditions leather and wood furniture, cutting boards and leather garments such as shoes, clothing, accessories, etc.
  • ✔️ KEEPS VEHICLES IN TIP TOP SHAPE: Restores leather seats, dashboards and tires on your car or motorcycle
  • ✔️ Take care of equestrian items: shine your skate and use it as hoof conditioner
  • ✔️ Give a new look: shoes. Furniture, saddle and fishing tackle, shoes, upholstery, saddlery, leather jackets, gloves, belt, wallet and shoes. Give a new look to your leather motorcycle and car interior



Made in Canada
Beeseal is a natural moisturizing balm. It is made in Canada with only the best ingredients.

Top quality ingredients.
– Beeswax: waterproofing, rust removal, wood and leather conditioning.
– Olive, canola and coconut oils: rehydrating, revitalizing and softening.
– Vitamin E: brings shine to wood and leather.
– Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oils: deodorizing and cleansing, provides a soothing scent

Equine Descriptive Sizes

1.8kg, 120/14mm, 125/5", 12oz, 130/18mm, 135/14mm, 135mm-5-1/4, 145/ 5-3/4, 145/16mm, 150gr, 16.5, 16oz, 17.5, 2lbs, 30", 30"x32", 32", 32oz, 34", 34×36, 4-1/2", 4oz, 5-1/8, 5", 500ml, 500mls, 6", 66, 66", 75, 75gr, 78, 8oz, 950ml, Adult, Arabian, Cob, Draft, Draft, Extra Full Horse, Foal, Full, Full Horse, Large, Large Horse, Medium, Mini, One Size, Pony, Small, Small Pony, Standard Horse, Warm Blood, Weanling, X-Large, Yearling, Youth


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