Woolpower zip turtleneck - Merino Wool 400 gm.


The long sleeve 1/4 Zip Turtleneck 400 from Woolpower is great for keeping the body’s core temperature regulated in cool to cold climates. This Merino wool base layer shirt with a quarter zip turtleneck for ventilation is made from Woolpower’s superior Ullfrotté Original 400 g/m² terry loop design featuring no lengthwise seams, minimizing chaffing and rubbing during peak physical activity. Ullfrotté Original wool fabric with smooth, soft terry loops facing the inside and flat synthetic fibers lining the outside allows this wool base layer shirt to optimally maximize body heat retention by trapping the body’s natural heat as well as maximizing moisture wicking away from the skin. 1/4 Zip Turtleneck 200 long sleeve wool shirt is the perfect wool base layer for hunting, skiing, hiking, and fishing.  Perfect for riding instuctors.    Made in Sweden  Black only

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unisex – large, Unisex – medium


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