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The GR8 helment (As worn by Louise Saywell, Olivia Wells, Dave Quigley and Sophie Heaven, Aaron Vale, Anne Kursinki, Chris Kappler) from Charles Owen is at the cutting edge of Equestrian Fashion. The low profile helmet is covered with a microfibre suede material and is available in a variety of colours and colour combinations. There is a combination to suit all skin and hair colourings – and wardrobes. The ultimate in accessorizing for the fashion-conscious rider.

The surface material has been treated to afford it protection against marking and scuffing. A water repellent cover will also be available for winter wear.

The brim is gently rounded to flatter the face, and a press stamped metallic logo is positioned centrally above the peak. Another embroidered logo features on the back of the helmet where a ribbon would traditionally be.

The Harness is co-ordinated to the specific colours within the range to give a complete finished look and reinforced with nylon for additional strength, safety and security.

The supersoft headband inside the hat is grey to tone in with the soft colour options that are available.

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