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The Mesh Rug is a multifunctional product and extremely popular. We sell more Mesh Rugs than all our other horse rugs put together! During the summer months the Mesh Rug is the perfect blanket because of its optimal breathable qualities, thanks to the sturdy and very airy mesh that covers a layer of thin ceramic fabric which offers full protection. The Mesh Rug may be used both as an extra rug underneath, as a transportation rug, as cooler and in the horse box during the warmer months.

The Mesh Rug has a lining of polypropylene fabric infused with melted ceramic powder. On the exterior, the rug has a thin mesh layer for maximum breathing qualities. The Mesh Rug is strengthened along the neck opening with polyester and has soft quilting around the withers. The rug has double chest buckles and criss-crossed belly surcingles (pop closures). There is a large tail flap with a tail strap and loops for the leg ties. The rug has a better fit than the other blankets due to the mesh fabric’s stretch qualities.


Other sizes can be readily ordered.

 This is one of my favorite items – my horse Crush has big muscles and gets tight – this makes the difference between a half hour warm up even on a trail ride to a 10 minute warm-up.   Also makes him easier to shoe.       Ellen

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