It Has Been a Very Long Time

One day recently, I was talking to  someone about how it was important to get their horse out and doing everything so that if they ever had to sell the horse it had a better chance of it getting a really good home.    It occurred to me that although I had done many things with Crush, I had  only actually shown him in a couple of shows a  few years ago. .   So, time to put my effort where my  mouth was.

Now remember, I have hardly shown since  my kids were the age that the granddaughter is now.    Yes, I have been at lots of shows, seen lots of  things but not  actually shown over a fence in a very long long time.

So I decide that the Jack Pine Schooling Show will be our first effort.   I’m just not the type to take the horse to the trainer, have them warm up the horse, warm up me – kind of girl.    So off to the show I go.    No, I  don’t really plan this, no, I don’t take anyone with me to help.   Yes, I just put the horse on the trailer and went.   (oh yea!  leaving my show clothes in a bag on the kitchen floor).

I get to the show and get the horse ready.   Fortunately,  Crush was been enough places that standing on the trailer and getting ready to no big thing.   He also gets off the trailer and is pretty o.k. with all that is happening.   We get down to the ring and  he is fine  (I’m thinking I might be having a heart attack) we warm up and look at the jumps.    I notice that there are some poles with that kind of green fake grass around them and decide that might be a problem.   So, I remember Jim Gray saying to me that anybody could go in cross rails.   So up to the entry booth and  Babette is so accommodating that she didn’t even laugh until I was gone.

Going into the ring ,  I just thought about how bad it was going to look when I was on my head in the middle of a cross rail.  We made it around , trotting a few fences but made it around.   The second time – we actually cantered the whole round and it started to feel ok.   Maybe this will be alright.    The jumps will be a little higher but he has been over them now.  We will be fine.

And I look up and down the laneway comes Jim with a tractor and wagon filled with coloured boxes.   So he puts one under a jump,  ok. then two and  then under everything and they are all different.    But now my heart was stopped.

My attitute has always been – might as well die doing what you do.    I should mention that all those mean young adults made me go first.   So off we went – pretty sure my eyes were closed for the first one and because I was really just ready to fall off, we were  pretty under paced.   (Crush is most happy being lazy) and we carried on around the course with Crush going over everything and everything was good until I forgot the course (note:  I had already rode this pattern once)  but with going so slow and holding my breath the whole way – well it just didn’t come to me where to go.

By the next course, we were doing it.   I could even remember the circle at the end and the  rhythm was coming back to me.  The second course was great (Crush was proud of himself) and the hack went ok.    Many thanks to  Jim and Jennifer Gray for  having the schooling show – it was great fun.

and on to Cedarstone Farm – so after living through one show -we decided to do the short course at Cedarstone Show on July 13th.       Crush  is not a dressage horse – does not want to be – and has been known to stop in the middle of a test and  refuse to go.    So I was overjoyed to have him  get through the test pretty well – (o.k. so maybe  he wasn’t forward enough but we were going forward and he did canter.      His jumping over the  jumps in the ring was great  – he is really getting the hang of it.   So we started the short course in great  style but he got a little  (let’s say confused) about jumping out of the ring  and then a little shook about these funny jumps in the field but with a little work got over  the next couple of jumps – then down through the bush and gaily over the tire jump (of which he had never seen) almost over the canoe on the first try – but over on the seond – and  we carried on ending the cross country with some pre-entry jumps instead of entry but getting it done and back into the stadium with a great end with the stadium jumps.

Thank you to Michelle and all the volunteers at Cedarstone – it was a great show.

So, calling all who haven’t shown for awhile – get out here – life is all about living and it is time to have fun.














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